A journey of love

On May 18th 2018 an event transformed the life of designer Rodrigo Maroja. After suffering a serious stroke, the designer found himself facing an intense routine of therapies. Without knowing for sure how long his recovery would take and also, without knowing how much of the affected functions he would be able to recover, for a whole year he thought on what he could do and how he could go back to work as soon as he had some free time amongst the intense routine of therapies. Due to the circumstances, it would have to be a different work routine from his previous one.


During this period of time, he realized how much of a difference love can make. The love demonstrations came from everywhere. From his family, friends, the medical staff, from every acquaintance and, above all, from his mother and wife. His mother would spend all day long in the hospital with him, while his wife, two months pregnant at that time, slept with him in the hospital room for 35 days. Despite the family’s support, she had to work throughout the pregnancy, as well as after the birth of their baby daughter, Luna. Reflecting on how to adapt his work as a designer and how to give back to the world all the love he had received, exactly one year after the event, Rodrigo came up with the idea for Kosmic Design.


Rodrigo believes that not everybody is as lucky as he was for receiving so much love on a such challenging moment. Because of that, he made a promise to himself. He would dedicate all his professional knowledge to the creation of products that could bring a positive message to people. Ultimately, products that could help spread love. And a part of the revenue of all products would be converted to charity.


As of August 2019, he was able to dedicate 12 hours per week, amongst therapies, to start giving life to Kosmic Design. On January 2021, as his recovery advanced, he could work 14 hours per week. But it did not stop him from creating the first collection and from launching Kosmic Design’s shop on May 2021. Nowadays, the designer works on a range of products, amongst the rehabilitation therapies. From posters to books and games, from clothes to interior design objects and household items. All of them to be launched here. All of them with one thing in common: the goal of bringing a positive message and spreading love.