Only products that inspire and help people

The very idea of Kosmic Design was to give back to the world all the love I have received while recovering from a stroke. I am so overwhelmed by the love everyone around me is giving me that I felt the urge to give it back to the world. Kosmic Design is my way of doing so. Because of that we are committed to only design products that inspire and help people to live a better life. A life of courage, resilience, hope, happiness, kindness, serenity, gratitude and love.

Social and environmental responsibility

We believe the world can be a better place if everyone and every organization acts with social and environmental responsibility. We are committed to treat everyone involved in our production with love and respect and to cause the least environmental impact possible while producing, packaging and delivering our products. We purchase carbon credits based on the impact of our shipping to support projects reducing greenhouse gas emissions monitored by Pachama. Also, a percentage of all sales revenue is destined to a charity cause.

Friends, not customers

Every single person that buys our products is helping us achieve our dream of making the world better. While our products can inspire and help them, they inspire and help us. So, we do not consider them simple customers. Everyone that believes, trusts and supports us is our friend.


Thank you for visiting our shop.


Rodrigo Maroja
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